Use these plates to raise your steering rack to help with bump steer on lowered cars. They will also reduce steering effort by returning the tie rod to a more suitable angle. This is especially noticeable on a car without powersteering/depowered rack. Each plate is 4mm thick and can be stacked to suit your needs.


10mm kit = plates + Longer bolts & washers

Additional 4mm kit = 2x 4mm plates to further raise your rack


The additional 4mm plates will not fit on their own. They are designed to be added to the 10mm kit to raise your rack even higher.


If paired with the MX5 Engine Raiser Plates you should be able to add more plates up to a recommended absolute maximum total raise of 18mm.


*These plates only fit the MK2/2.5 Mx5 / Miata*


For off road use only, fit at your own risk.

Mx5 Mk2/2.5 Steering Rack Raiser Plates


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